Priceless and Free


Volume One has arrived. Priceless and free. Relax,
the rose and mint Lineau in the foreground and
its slantly chic cousson prove a contemplative space.
A buzzer is located discreetly beneath the Sarouk should
you have any requests.

We are reading for Volume Two / behind the green door.



Volume 1 Worldwide

Welcome to The American Journal of Poetry, live and open 24/7, produced from our Missouri Ozarks Mountain home. We are grateful to poets and readers worldwide who’ve left rave reviews and comments. From the US, UK, Poland, France, Italy, Russia, The Baltics..too many to mention. We are now reading for Vol. 2.


Poetry Rules

We are pleased to announce VOLUME ONE is now live!
Please just click onto our link and it’s all yours…,no charge!
“THERE ARE RULES IN POETRY! Unless the poet says,
‘There are NO rules”–Then, there are No Rules! Be bold
and uncensored. And “long poems”, as you will see, are welcomed with open arms. We are now reading submissions
for Volume Two.–Robert Nazarene, editor

Reading for Volume 2

VOLUME ONE IS NOW LIVE AND ONLINE. We are a family-run literary review. We wear crash helmets to our editorial meetings.
Please click onto our site and make it all worth the while! We wish to thank everyone, and we do mean everyone, involved in the project. We are now reading for Volume Two.