The American Journal of Poetry is a biannaual online review devoted exclusively to poetry and the occasional essay. A strong voice and risk-taking is highly prized. Each issue will feature the work of a myriad of poets from beginning artists to many of the world’s most acclaimed. There are no restrictions with regard to style, subject matter or length. In a world where the “long poem” has been eschewed by many literary reviews, The American Journal of Poetry is keen on printing them on a regular basis. Translations as well. We are a family-operated literary endeavor. Our hallmark is “Strong Rx Medicine” ® Nothing pleases the review more than introducing a poet’s very first published work. We will feature the poetry of between 50 and 100 poets per quarterly issue. Submissions are read year round. We do not employ “readers” or “screeners”—each submission will be read personally by our Editor-in-Chief Robert Nazarene and Senior Editor James Wilson. We are nothing if not a writer-friendly journal. You may rely on a response within 10 days’ time of our receiving it. We are unique in the literary world in this aspect of our policy. Please see our Writers’ Guidelines page for full information.

© 2016 The American Journal of Poetry


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